About Us

Established in 2020 by Sarah Gregg Millman, LOCAL WOMAN is a made-to-order clothing line that takes inspiration from an elegant timelessness, and embraces a dedication to artisanship, whimsy, and tradition. 
The collections are small-run and often limited-edition, with one design introduced at a time. We focus much of our efforts on sourcing unique and occasionally upcycled and deadstock fabrics. The line is a series of modern classics, with a dash of lightness, that transcends seasons and time.
We built the brand around the core value of slow growth, local production, and an ongoing goal of sustainability. 
Sewists and technical designers are Toronto-based, and paid a living wage. The line is designed in our atelier in Toronto, Canada, and is exclusively hand-built, with great attention to detail. The made-to-order model allows us to obtain only as much we need - with off-cuts treated as precious, and used for production of other items. Nothing goes to waste, and resourcefulness is celebrated. 
The intention is wearable, airy, heirloom-quality pieces, and a customer experience that is intimate and transparent. 
LOCAL WOMAN’s philosophy is that small movements can lead to big change.